Fight Back Against Pesky Intruders

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Trying to keep pests out of your home can feel like an endless battle. Instead of struggling on your own, get professional reinforcements from BioPest Elimination. Our pest control company in Henderson, NV can put a stop to infestations of spiders, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs and rodents. We can treat your home or provide pest control for your place of business to stop pests from returning.

If you want to keep pests off your property for good, consider setting up monthly pest control services. From inspections and exclusion work to preventive treatments and removal services, we'll go the distance to help you live pest-free. Learn more about our bed bug removal or rodent control services when you call today.

Stop scorpions in their tracks

A scorpion infestation is tough to manage. But it's not impossible. You can count on our pest control company for professional scorpion removal services. We're different because...

  • We use advanced methods ranging from baits, sprays and traps to growth regulators and monitoring stations to attack your pest problem from every angle
  • We have extensive experience with residential and commercial properties and know how to handle all kinds of pest infestations
  • We'll apply a thorough preventive barrier around your exterior to make sure new pests don't wander into your home once your infestation is removed

Even resilient pests like scorpions are no match for our pest control expert. Call 702-850-PEST to get the professional pest control services you need.

Prevent Pests From Ruining Your Restaurant's Reputation

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