Don't Risk Being Shut Down

Commercial kitchens - The perfect environment for pests to live and breed.  With virtually unlimited water, food and warmth, pests will never want to leave.  But fear not because with our treatments and procedures, they won't have a choice.

German cockroaches - The #1 enemy of any commercial kitchen or restaurant.  Left undetected, just a few can multiply to hundreds or even thousands in a short amount of time.  Our services include a comprehensive inspection along with a variety of treatment options to stop them in their tracks. 

Rodents - A close second when it comes to enemies of the kitchen.  A young rat can gain entry into a building with an opening of just 1/2" height, and even less for mice.  Once inside, rodents will feed on whatever they can access, especially items in the pantry. Their droppings are known to carry diseases and a zero tolerance policy is the only way to keep your guests safe.

Monthly treatments - Your technician will look for problematic conditions that could encourage pest activity, and report them to you on your service report.  Pest elimination is a team effort, so noted repairs will need to be made in order to keep all pests out of your restaurant. If something gets in, call us right away and a technician will be dispatched within 24 hours at no additional cost.