Customized To Fit Your Needs

An inspection is the first step to any successful pest program  Your initial service will include a thorough survey of your home for any signs of infestation, or areas of concern for pest entry.  Based on our findings, we will customize a plan to exclude and eliminate any pests from your home.  

Exclusion - The most simple and environmentally friendly method for pest control.  Our technician will continually inspect your home for any areas where pests could gain entry.  That information will be provided to you in your service report so the necessary repairs can be made.  For an additional cost, your BioPest technician can make these repairs for you.

Exterior Treatments - Most home treatments will concentrate mainly on the outside of the house.  Interior treatments are rarely needed, especially if the exterior treatments are done properly to keep pests out.

Monthly or Bi-monthly treatments - Whether you prefer service each or every other month, we have you covered. We utilize products with improved longevity, so more frequent visits are seldom required.  If you do encounter a covered pest in your home in between visits, contact us right away for a follow up treatment at no additional cost.

Our services - Our treatments cover the most common pests including cockroaches, rodents, scorpions, spiders, and silverfish.  Services for non-covered pests are available at an additional cost.  Non-covered pests include, but are not limited to; birds, bed bugs, bees, termites, ant infestations, & wasps.